Wednesday 5 December 2018


HOW TO REPAIR A CORRUPTED MEMORY CARD, HDD, FLASH!!! Assalamu Alaikum, welcome to this blessed page of ours I hope you will continue to visit us for your scientific growth God willing, today we will teach you brothers and sisters HOW TO REPAIR A CURRUPTED MEMORY We took this lesson because we are suffering from memory loss and most of the times we have to spread them because we don't know how We will not change them, God willing, today we will bring you a solution How to repair your memory card easily without using any software WHAT DO YOU NEED TO REPAIR YOUR MEMORY OR FLASH OR HARD DISK? ANSWER:- The things that are required before repairing your Memory Card or Flash or hard disk are as follows:- step 1. Calm:- It is good to be very calm when repairing a damaged Memory Card or Flash no problem step 2. corrupted memory:- Damaged Memory Card or flash or hard disk if it's memory, make sure you have a good card reader and insert it step 3. Computer:- Computer You must use it to repair your Memory Card or hard disk or flash drive AFTER COMPLETING ALL THESE, TAKE THESE STEPS LIKE THIS First open the Computer and click on the Windows Computer icon, it will show you the page on your computer below. There is a search for you type "CMD" while typing you will see it appear, then open it and it will open then type "DISKPART" and press Enter Key of Computer. Then it will take you to another page, type "LIST DISK" and press Enter Key it will show you the disk that is the computer's memory and the damaged one. Then you look at it which one is corrupted, is it Disk 1 or Disk 2 but it usually comes in Disk 1, then type "SELECT DISK 1" and press Enter Key it will show you

DISKPART> Disk 1 is now selected, type "CLEAN" again and press Enter Key DiskPart> Succeed Cleaning The Disk. Then type "CREATE PRIMARY PARTITION" again then press Enter Key, it will show you DISKPART> Succeed Creating In The Specified Partition Then type "ACTIVE" and press Enter Key and it will show you DISKPART > Marked The Current Partition as Active then type "SELECT PARTITION 1" and press Enter Key it will show you, Partition 1 is now The Selected Partition and type again "FORMAT FS=FAT32" then press Enter Key and then Format will start. You will see it start from 0% to Complete. So slowly until it reaches 100%. Make sure you do it the way it is. God willing, it reaches 100% memory, your flash hard disk will come back and continue working like before If you like this post, please help this page by sharing this post that will give us more strength to fight MUNGODE yours Engr hamza danwaya

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